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8.23.07, 11:07 PM
Of course if one is like me, they have a different comfort food for any mood or circumstance. I've whittled my very, very, most necessary comfort foods down to:
Sick: Have to have potatoe soup. HAVE TO!
Depressed: Most anything comforts if I can get it in my mouth, but especially chocolate.
Cold wintery day: Nothing hits the spot like a nice bowl of ham & pinto beans topped with chopped onion and corn bread muffins on the side. Yum!
Happy (or any other mood actually): Pizza! I'm a pizza freak. Could eat it every day and will even settle for frozen if nothing else is available.
Comfort snack: (Yeah, gotta have that catagory.) Jelly Bellies. I love them and am completely addicted. Can't be plain old jelly beans.....have to be Jelly Belly.

Would love to hear what others like to munch on when miserable, sick, happy, celebrating or a made up occasion.

Ta ta! Kay

8.24.07, 2:02 AM
Comfort foods, my oh my, so many!!!

Sick....I think it would be the ole reliable campbells chicken noodle.

Depressed, heck I eat everything, weird things like pickles with mustard, mayo on saltines, I told you weird, its a good thing I don't get depressed often, LOL!!!

Cold wintery day....(I think you're really a southern girl, with the beans,ham, onion and corn bread)...mine is my home made chicken stew.

Happy....that would be ice cream, or chol. cake or my kool aid pie.

Comfort food just almost every night is pop corn.

8.26.07, 10:50 AM
Sick...ditto on the Campbells chicken noodle soup. And a grilled sandwich.

Depressed...hot fudge cake with vanilla ice cream. Those Simple Delights microwavable ones are bang on.

Cold wintry day...home made beef stew with a crusty loaf of bread or chili and corn bread.

Happy...steak and cheese sub.

Comfort foods in general...home made macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie, cold spaghetti sandwich, soft boiled eggs, noodles with parmesan, garlic powder and butter. (Note the vast amounts of starch listed here. :) )

8.26.07, 3:16 PM
Ahhh, I do believe you have a point CJ! Not a southern gal, but perhaps in a previous lifetime? I do like lots of foods that seemed to originated in the South. However, I also like Italian food, French food, Mexican food, German food.....do we see a theme here?

Kool-aid pie, ok.....you got me. Have never heard of that one. Share, please?

8.26.07, 3:36 PM
Luv your idea's of comfort food MTJ, although I'm a bit iffy about the whole cold spaghetti sandwich thing, though I consider myself an adventuresome chomper. I think you may have me beat! Thanks for joining in!

8.26.07, 11:23 PM

Kool-aid pie, ok.....you got me. Have never heard of that one. Share, please?[/quot
2 - 16oz. kool whip
1can eagle brand sweeten milk
beat until smooth...
and then add 2 koolaid packages (strawberry, orange, or lemon) beat until all koolaid is blended and then pour into..
2 graham cracker pie shells

Have the pie shells open and ready cause once the kool aid is added it will start to get stiff. Sometimes I use a few fresh strawberries. For the orange, I add pecans or walnuts.

....My friend Danny gave me this recipe a few years ago. He died this past July from cancer.
(RIP) Danny Boy

ENJOY KAY, its really good.

8.27.07, 7:34 PM
Well I have never associated foods with moods but will give it a try. I actually like most things except anything with garlic or fish.:yucky:

Sick...toasted bagel with oleo, cream cheese and a hot cup of sweet tea.

Comfort...mac and cheese, pasta and pizza
Chilly weather...chili with grated chedder on top and a crusy bread.
Happy...cheeseburger with swiss, grilled mushrooms and sour cream to top it off. YUM
Depressed...anything I don't have to cook, excluding fish and garlic please!
To Celebrate...lobster with lots of lemon wedges and hot drawn butter.

But like Kay I would say pizza wins hands down for just about anything except for when I am sick. Like it with a thin crust, light sause, double pepproni, green peppers and extra cheese please.
OH!! When Mike cooks...Italian sausage, grilled onions and green peppers on an Italian roll with melted mozarella cheese on top. He makes the best.

Good question Kay.
Hugs, CC

Lola Beedow
10.14.07, 2:55 PM
If I am sick, I don't eat.
Comfort food is mac and cheese, with 1/2" sliced hot dogs (2) mixed into it. I make my own mac and cheese.
Chilly weather....beef stew....MMMM!
Happy....spaghetti with homemade sauce and Italian sausage meatballs
Depressed....I don't eat when I'm depressed.:(
To celebrate...beer! Lots and lots of cold beer! I like nibbling on things like crackers and cheese, smoked oysters on crackers, etc.

10.17.07, 6:34 PM
CHOCOLATE in any way, shape, form or manner - LOL

10.25.07, 2:06 PM
Sick: Probably chicken noodle soup :)
Depressed: Cake
Winter: Stew, hearty homemade soup, maybe chili
Comfort: Mac & Cheese
Happy or to celebrate: Prime Rib Roast