View Full Version : While no one seems to remain dead.

8.22.07, 9:53 AM
This show does not need Alister. The way he was killed off meant he was dead. We all saw it. He did not escape. The missile hit the train he was on and blew it up and it fell a hundred feet into the gorge and blew up again. It is so not feasible that Al survived. Rewriting his now non death is just stupid. It's just as bad as Andre who we thought was Tony having Stephs corpse in a desk chair with a lit cigar in his mouth with his back turned from the Salemites. Yet now Stephano is alive about to die again.

The thing is the sl was going just fine without Al and he is really not needed. Al is a cartoon character, worse than ever with his screaming "no, no, this ruins everything" bit. He sounded like the villain from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

8.22.07, 10:09 AM
I think Jer is having way too much fun with these s/l's. He has brought back Al just in time to show us all there is no harmony in Harmony. He does take pleasure in not letting any of us get to comfortable with the s/l.

8.31.07, 3:41 PM
I agree with you in most ways but...I always liked Alistair. All of the other villains they have had pale in comparison.

Suzanne Lanoue

9.2.07, 11:41 AM
Yes he is a great villian and like most villians he just cannot die. I think if Passions ever ends he will be in the last episode.

9.8.07, 8:04 AM
LOL Scorpiowitch. What a horrible thought, though, "the last episode". Now that would be an amazing s/l for Al to threaten us with that horror. But he is a fabulous villian. When he was "killed" in the explosion, I told my husband that Al had died. My husband occasionally does watch the show with me. He really does enjoy it. He told me that Al was not dead... I kept telling him each day for awhile that I had "good news" for him, that Al was still dead. It was a standing joke for us, actually. When they brought him back, I had to tell him the "bad news" LOL.

I wonder where he was during that absence and what he was doing. Anyone know?