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8.9.09, 10:58 AM
Fooled again.
I thought with a cast including Piper Laurie, David Morse, Robin Wright Penn and Dakota Fanning, this might be a good movie.
Unless you like your movies poorly written, dark and depressing.
Attention Deborah Kampmeier, writer.
Don't give me the same old story, without more redemption.
Same old as in...
poor Southern girl with an abusive Pappy and a dead Mammy,
who holds onto one hope to get her through,
and then gets trampled.
You owed us redemption as in something evil happening to that horny, pimply-faced teenage milkman.
With all the snakes you wove into this story, I would have thought a snake bite to the genitals would be in order.
You owed us redemption as in something bad happening to that "friend" who participated in an unspeakable act of betrayal.
Having Lewellen "find her voice" again, was most certainly not enough.