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8.7.09, 11:42 AM
Some interesting info I found on the web, about using DHEA, to help with lupus flares.

Has anyone tried using micronized DHEA?? Sounds interesting.

info via: http://masteryourillness.com/

" Reducing Lupus Flares with Micronized DHEA

DHEA-S is the raw material to make hormones (http://www.healingwell.com/community/default.aspx?f=29&m=1557172#). Did you know that for people with autoimmune diseases, levels of DHEA-S are well below1,2,3,4 the normal age-adjusted ranges? 5 The good news is that DHEA supplements are available to restore normal levels of DHEA-S.

Raising DHEA-S levels can make a difference in patients with lupus. DHEA reduced the frequency of flares, the SLEDAI scores and overall disease activity in a study of 28 patients.6Both patients and physicians noticed the improvements. The number of patients with flares decreased from 33.9% to 18.3% in another study with 120 women.7 Disease activity was significantly improved. Using a synthetic form of DHEA (prasterone) in a larger study, 58.5% of patients stabilized or improved versus 44.5% of the placebo group. Muscle pain and mouth sores also decreased.8

For lupus patients treated with corticosteroids, DHEA has more benefits. Women taking DHEA required less corticosteroids to manage their disease.6,9 In addition, DHEA protected against bone density loss from corticosteroids in lupus10,11 and other conditions.12,13

Side effects included acne and hirsutism (hairiness). No serious drug-related adverse events were seen.7,8 Micronized DHEA may diminish these effects because its conversion to testosterone is diminished.14 DHEA may decrease HDL.

If you are interested in micronized DHEA, ask your doctor to test your DHEA-S level.5 Do not use DHEA if you are at risk for any type of hormonal cancer, such as breast cancer or prostate (or have severe benign prostate disease).

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