View Full Version : Passions moving!

8.20.07, 3:20 PM
Am I the only one who is completely devastated that Passions will only be available on DirecTV ? I read on NBC that the show will not be available for viewing online, and I can't afford DirecTV solely to watch Passions! Tear...


8.22.07, 2:35 AM
I am with you on this one, its my summer time soap when not in school T_T I shall miss it so much

8.31.07, 4:43 PM
So sorry...I know how you feel.

My site will have transcripts and maybe recaps, although they won't be up right away like our others. A friend of mine has DirecTV, so she is going to record it for me, but I have to wait for her to send them...

I might put up clips, too.

You may be able to see the show on YouTube or via Torrents download...

Suzanne Lanoue

9.10.07, 6:22 PM
I can't get it either. What a bummer!! I'll have to find a newsletter to read.