View Full Version : Ashley Fears She Killed Sabrina!; SOW Article

8.6.09, 9:29 AM
got this from Daytime Royalty

Adam freaks Ashley out yet again this week when he makes her believe she killed Sabrina.

"Adam catches Ashley going out the front door in the middle of the night, in the middle of a storm," sets up Michael Muhney. "The next day, she 'remembers' hitting Sabrina with her car -- Adam takes the opportunity to meddle. He starts to plant seeds of doubt in her head about what she might have done."

First, he tries quelling her fears a bit by telling her not to worry. He says, "I'm the one who can take care of you. Keep this between you and me. Let me go check the car out."

When Ashley informs Billy that she's having hallucinations about harming Sabrina, he tells her there's no way she hurt a woman who's already dead. Adam quickly counteracts Billy's efforts. "The car has a dent in it. So Ashley must have hit something, and Adam plays on that," reveals Muhney. "There's that moment of doubt. Ashley's like, 'How could I have hit a dead person?' But Adam can resurrect anything, or so he believes. After all, people have faked their deaths before. He even cites the Chancellor situation and says Sabrina could have been alive, come back to Genoa City, and Ashley killed her."

Jack arrives and demands to take his sister away. Ashley refuses to go with him. Victor has Jack and Billy escorted off the ranch. Adam, who's over the moon that Ashley is staying put, makes his next move: He rips up one of his own purple shirts and dabs it with blood. "He goes to Ashley with it and says, 'This was stuck in the bumper of the car,'" explains Muhney. "You hit Sabrina. Here's her dress. Here's the fresh blood.' It's master manipulation. He's playing chess, and it's checkmate."

Ashley freaks out. But then Adam's plan hits a road bump. Abby finds his spycam in the living room. "There's a big sense of urgency. It's panic time," admits Muhney. "Adam's thinking, 'What can I do now?'"

Meanwhile, Ashley calls JT and tells him to come search the house for more cameras. "The entire house is going to be turned inside out. Adam has to think and act fast," says Muhney. "If they find everything, that's it. Then the emperor is wearing no clothes. However, the great thing about Adam is, not only is he a cat and has nine lives, but the guy always seems to land on his feet."