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8.20.07, 3:16 PM
Hello, all.

For the past few months, I've been working at a residential camp, so I've not been able to watch Days. Can someone catch me up on the Shawn/Belle/Philip fiasco? Last I saw, Shawn and Belle were reuniting and possibly moving into the mansion with Philip to find Claire. How did it get from there to Shawn delivering an ultimatum to Belle about if she chooses Philip over him, then...

What's going on?!

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8.20.07, 11:24 PM
I'll do the best I can to explain what's happened so far. Shawn and Belle did move into the mansion. They are still there. Of course Shawn can see that Phillip is trying to be subtle in his way of getting back with Belle. He buys Belle and Claire everything, takes care of the basic needs and Shawn feels insecure about it because he can't provide for his family,yet, like Phillip can. They are supposed to be moving out of the mansion soon. Shawn has a job working for Max again and Belle is supposedly going to go to school to be a nurse. Also, Phillip just found out that the surrogate mother actually had the baby and that Bonnie was paying her off for it. Now he is looking for his son. Mimi called Shawn, they met up and she told him what was going on. Shawn says he didn't really buy it so he kept that information from Belle and Phillip. Now that everything has come out, it's just one more thing for this triangle to have over their heads. As far as the ultimatum, I haven't seen Shawn give an ultimatum

8.21.07, 10:07 PM
The ultimatum was at the end of today's eppy, Shawn's ego really is out of control. He should be focussed on giving Claire the stability she needs & not trying to cover up his guilt over not telling Philip about the Phimi baby.

8.23.07, 10:26 AM
Shawn is more worried that he is seeing Phil use his mansion and his money to lavish Belle under the guise of what's best for Claire and Belle blindly falling for the manipulation. I wanted to slap Belle for saying that the mansion is what's best for Claire. At least Shawn called her out on that one. Belle just becomes an even more selfish biatch every day.

8.24.07, 2:15 AM
Looks like Belle doesn't won't to let go of her ex. Who does she love anyway?? Who would won't to keep living in the same house as their ex??? Belle needs to start being honest about her feelings. I know Shawn has his faults, but I wish he would just move on without Belle, she has some serious problems. And I am so sick of this SL.

8.24.07, 3:46 AM
Stability is what's best for Claire--she loves Philip and it would be nice to explore a different kind of family dynamic. However bc Shawn feels guilty for colluding with Lauren to deceive Philip about the Phimi baby, Shawn can't face up to Philip. Shawn should trust Belle by now, geez hasn't she done enough to prove how much she loves him?

8.24.07, 11:53 AM
Claire can recieve just as much stability with Shawn and Belle living at their grandparents as she can in a mansion. That is if Belle pulls her head out of her but and commits to Shawn. In fact with Shawn working 2 jobs Belle could go to nursing school and Caroline watch Claire. But Belle would rather have mom and dad foot the school bill and Phil house her with servants while she goes to school. Belle says she loves Shawn but I just don't see it. She doesn't love Phil either. She loves them both pursuing her. If anyone is causing instability or confusion in Claire's life it's Belle and her insisting that Phil remain in her life even after all the crap he did to Belle.

8.24.07, 9:55 PM
Very well said Sarah. Thanks!!