View Full Version : Does Andy end up raping Brooke?

8.19.07, 9:22 PM
Is this where this is all going? Stephanie set this whole thing up and it was like she was urging him on. No a good move.:confused:

8.20.07, 12:13 AM
I kinda doubt that it will get that far but I'm sure Brooke will be traumatized to pieces thanx to Evil Old Stephanie.

8.20.07, 11:33 AM
I think Brooke will get raped, but Stephanie won't belive her and the others will have their doubts, except for Nick, especially once that picture of Andy and Brooke at the restaurant together comes out.

8.20.07, 12:32 PM
What I don't understand is why she didn't just hit the panic button on her security system instead of trying to get out the front door. Boy, Brooke is sure dumb!

8.21.07, 10:49 AM
This story leaves a lot of questions -- panic button would have been my choice, but that would have ruined the dumb SL. I hated watching the show yesterday -- it was very upsetting, but KKL was outstanding.

8.21.07, 9:05 PM
Yes, Jaxie yesterday & today were not easy to watch at all but KKL really really shone! I've never felt so much for Brooke. Poor girl! I'm just praying that Andy's phone records will be traced and everyone will learn that filthy old Stephanie basically put him up to it. DIRTY COW