View Full Version : I wonder when we are going to move

8.19.07, 6:26 PM
over to this board permanently. There is not really a lot of posters over at the old board, or topics. I really like this new board,it is so easy to navigate. We can keep the same thread going for a week or more and not miss a post.:blush2ey:

8.19.07, 8:25 PM
Last they told me was they had no plans to. And yes I do think it's stupid.

8.19.07, 10:34 PM
Actually I like this new board, but I am afraid it will be the same garbage, different day. I think you had a good point that it will be the same stuff that we have to put up with on the old board, unless they managed if differently. At least they are routing the pics to a different place.