View Full Version : Nick Learns that Jack & Sharon are Over!; SOD Article Summary

7.30.09, 1:16 AM
got this from Daytime Royalty

This week, immediately after Nick and Phyllis renew their vows, Nick decides he wants Sharon to know that he's officially re-committed to his wife and family... so he goes to her. However, Sharon shocks Nick with some surprising news of her own: she and Jack are over. Still, Sharon doesn't inform Nick that he's the father of her bun in the oven.

Meanwhile, Jack and Phyllis talk about his breakup with Sharon, which makes Phyllis nervous that Nick will ditch her again to run after his first wife. Jack also keeps quiet about the true paternity of Sharon's baby.

"Sharon isn't worried that Jack will say something to Nick," says Sharon Case. "She just wants to carry on with her own life now. This process she's going through will make her stronger. It may look messy right now, but I think this is what she needs to do. She's got a lot of resolve, and what she's going to do doesn't depend on Nick or Jack or anyone else. She wants to stand on her own two feet."

However, the situation starts getting to Sharon. When she shows up at the GCAC for Nikki and Paul's wedding rehearsal, Sharon looks around and realizes how alone she is. She sees Phyllis's new ring and notices how happy she and Nick look together. This only cements her decision not to tell Nick the truth. "As far as telling Nick that he's the father, Sharon loves Nick and Nick loves Sharon, but the problem is, Sharon really wants to know that Nick loves her and wants to be with her and not Phyllis," sighs Case. "Sharon wanted Nick to leave Phyllis without it having to do with him being the father of the baby. So Sharon not telling Nick he's the father gives her the chance to watch him and test him out. If he thinks he's not the father, who does he go to? Sharon thinks she's getting the honest information this way, but the truth is, he's so guilt-ridden about leaving Summer (who got sick), that's what he thinks his decision is based on," she explains. "It's not really panning out. Sharon's reading that he wants Phyllis when really the decision he's making is because he doesn't want to abandon his family like he did before."

Later, a bummed out Sharon ditches the rehearsal. Will Nick follow behind?