View Full Version : Alexis

7.28.09, 6:01 PM
Is a real piece of work, she doesn't want to believe her precious Kristina was driving the car that ran Claudia off the road, but deep down something is telling her that Sam might be right, that it was Kristina, but instead of her questioning Kristina she runs over to the hospital to tell Carly that she will do everything she can to protect Michael, it's not Michael that she's protecting it's Kristina.

7.29.09, 5:37 AM
As much as I love Alexis it is a little annoying that she can't sit down and have a conversation with her daughter
and find out what is going on with her.

7.29.09, 12:22 PM
Alexis is too afraid to ask any questions because deep down she knows the answers.