View Full Version : Another of the Prez's boys jumps ship. Tony Snow is leaving

8.17.07, 5:37 PM
I just heard a news blurb that Tony Snow won't stay till the end of the President's term. Of course in Tony's case it probably has to do with his cancer. Poor man! He looks like he as aged a great deal in a few months. I guess the cancer and the chemo do that to you.

8.19.07, 8:28 PM
I don't think his prognosis is very good..........I was surprised he even came back when he did. It's probably a very good idea for him to "retire" and spend his remaining days with his loved ones and family. He certainly doesn't need to spend his remaining time on this earth spinning Bush's lies anymore.

8.22.07, 6:15 AM
I wondered if this was coming. Tony is looking really tired and old (and he's not old!) recently. I'll give him kudos for staying as long as he did. I think I read that his salary was about $160K as WH spokesman, but that's a lot less than what he could make probably if he went back to FOX or write a book, etc.

I'm sure he's thinking about what he can provide for his wife and children IF... and in the case that there's limited time. I hope Tony will be able to overcome this illness and live a long, happy life.

8.22.07, 4:15 PM
I sure wish he could also..........but as I said, the odds aren't with him right now. You can tell by looking at him that he's deteriorating. Cancer is such an awful, awful thing.
I would hope that his family would rather have him home, with them, in his remaining time left, than out trying to make more money. But that's just me.
Anyways, although I didn't like his spinning and lying and deceiving the public for this corrupt gang of crooks in the White House.......I wish him all the best as a person.

8.23.07, 2:37 AM
He does look bad, but it may not mean that his prognosis is. Could be, but who knows. Most everyone undergoing chemo has some physical changes...weight/hair loss, etc., but also this is not his first occurance of cancer either so that sometimes works against a person, too.

I kind of got the impression that he was opting out of the WH position to do something else that would pay more. I could be wrong, but I thought it was said his children were approaching college age...so could be that Tony is wanting to make sure the finances are in good shape, while he can still work, in case there's a time he can't.