View Full Version : WTH! Where did this crazy chick come from? And married to Nick? What?

8.17.07, 1:50 AM
Ok, I was only gone a few days and I return to see Nick is married? What the heck is going on here? Can I get a backstory on this stupid storyline? Thanks

8.17.07, 8:04 PM
Grrl there's not much to tell, he got married to her off-camera when he was in Vegas with his head injury. This SL is super-retarded, I can't imagine a court in the world that wouldn't grant this divorce in no time flat. I don't get why Nick thinks he has to pay her one red cent.

8.19.07, 8:20 PM
Oh and if he doesn't tell that man who is delivering those kids to him to take them away because they aren't his I'm gonna scream. This is absolutely stupid beyond stupid.

8.20.07, 12:15 AM
Well then I'm glad I missed this part..lol