View Full Version : What's Nina's Problem?

7.25.09, 4:47 PM
In the last few episodes, Nina seems really mad at Cane - a little too mad in my opinion. I realize they were all shocked to learn the truth and all, but really, why is Nina holding such a huge grudge? For crying out loud, she's basically completely forgiven Philip (whose idea this all was from the start!), yet, she still cringes and gives dirty looks when Cane is around. Even Jill and Kay have come around and realized that Cane is not a bad person. He did what he did for all the right reasons - to feel like part of a family, etc. Anyway, I just think that Nina is being too hard on him - perhaps her anger is a little misplaced.(?)

7.27.09, 10:55 PM
We might not never know what Nina problem is the way the show is going.