View Full Version : the teens

8.16.07, 1:39 AM
i maxie with coop he is way too good for her she does not deserve him at all!! i think she should be with logan they deserve one another making that bet about lulu
Coop should be with lulu although i think she kinda wants the bad boy and Coop is mr.perfect...what about Coop/ Georgie that would be something alhough i want Georgie to run off to Cali to be with Dillon...i dont know about lulu and spinelli i that he pines for her but at the same time they remind me of a young jason/carly in terms of there friendship

9.23.07, 3:17 PM
I wonder if Lulu is going to end up with Johnny Zacharra?
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10.9.07, 4:01 PM
I certainly hope not, but Lulu seems to have a tendency
to go for the "bad boys" lately, especially if someone
tells her to stay away from them. lol

10.9.07, 4:03 PM
Personally I want to see Coop with Maxie . I know
she doesn't deserve him but he seems to make her
better when they are together and I'm hoping that is
how it will work out. She is a beautiful young lady and
I want her to be all that she can be with his help.