View Full Version : Annie

8.16.07, 12:31 AM
so what did Annie do that was so bad that her father hates her? did she cause him to go deaf? or is it her fault that her mom died? i miised the episode where she told Di about her past....

8.16.07, 2:04 PM
I don't think you missed the episode, I think the writers just wrote this on the fly. I watch it everyday and never knew they were "close" friends until yesterday.

8.28.07, 11:08 AM
They were supposed to be friends while living in NY. I think Erin and Di brought Annie to Pine Valley when she was running from Terry.

1.2.08, 11:38 PM
Her dad obviously doesn't believe anyone but Richie. The man thinks she is evil. I thought it was her for awhile but now, it seems her brother really is a psycho.