View Full Version : Why didn't Pretty when she had a chance

8.15.07, 9:03 PM
:mad:to tell the "Fancy story" to Luis, choke up at the bat? I think something is not right with this story. Why would she give up that chance today, Sheridan, Fancy, Luis was all there, a captive audience. Instead she just sat there looking stupid like she didn't have a clue how she ended up in the pool. I am thinking there is a whole lot more to this story.

8.18.07, 1:05 PM
Because it's Passions! Where NOTHING ever gets properly resolved!

8.19.07, 12:11 PM
That is so true, I guess they are trying stretch these storylines out as much as possible.

8.19.07, 8:28 PM
Gee Jerk still doesn't get that stretching these sl's out for years gets your show thrown off network tv.

8.19.07, 10:27 PM
So true, but I guess if he ended every s/l no one would sign up for DTV.