View Full Version : Bold & Beautiful this week is great.

8.14.07, 9:14 PM
They have really kicked it up a notch. I loved the Jackie/Stephanie scenes today. Can not wait until Wednesday's show. I am sure more great scenes are waiting.:p

8.15.07, 11:26 AM
Yes, Scorpio, this week on B&B is terrif! It's gr8 to see Donna & Thorne on the front-burner as well. I used to think Donna was just another pretty face, but now I see that she might be the Logan sister who can really put that old battle-axe Stephanie in her place!

8.15.07, 11:40 AM
I know Donna will give Steph a run for her money. Besides I agree with Eric, Thorne needs a woman and a s/l.