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7.20.09, 8:47 PM
So Claudia thinks because she is pregnant with Sonny's baby that makes up for what she did to Michael, I tell you she has alot of flipping nerve, one baby doesn't offset what she did to Michael. I hope that Sonny finds out that she put holes in the condum so that she could get pregnant. But after today it won't matter since it looks like she loses her baby.

7.28.09, 4:48 PM
Well Sonny does not know that she put holes in the condom. This woman is evil. Now that she has lost her
baby, and is convinced that it was Michael, she wants Michael killed. gmab She of all people, the one who
planned on having Sonny killed, and hired someone who
was dumb enough not to hit Sonny but to hit Michael and
put him in a coma. Thank you Claws, U did this. U
ordered the hit. NOW you want to have Michael killed
and you are not even sure he did it.
U Claudia are a sicko and the sooner you are off my
screen the happier I will be.

7.28.09, 5:58 PM
Claudia has some flipping nerve, it's because of her that Michael is having these problems, now shes' angry because she lost the baby. You are so right GMAB, it's call karma, what goes around comes around, payback can be a real itch. Inaddition, I don't think it was Michael that ran the car off the road, it was Kristina.

7.29.09, 5:31 AM
Perhaps you are right, but I am beginning to wonder if it
was Keifer. Too many headlights on the road that night,
and some we do not know. If it was Kristina, I hope she
will speak up, but I kind of doubt it.