View Full Version : Disfigured Pretty: an Accident or Fancy?

Sara Marie
8.14.07, 1:13 PM
What is the truth about the fight that disfigured Pretty?

Did Fancy do it on purpose in the fight or was it an "accident"?

Like it was an accident that Homer ate the last donut.

8.15.07, 12:55 PM
I'll go with accident. That's all it was but Pretty built it up in her mind to be malicious and deliberate.


8.19.07, 8:32 PM
There's no way anyone at a ritzy titzy country club would think that there would be open pool chemicals out where the members can be harmed. Definately an accident.

8.19.07, 9:14 PM
Hmm the polls say 70% it was an accident, you are right and I still think there is something not right about doctors not being able to fix that scar. By the way I left a message on the old board for you.

8.19.07, 9:45 PM
I just saw it. The thing is if all of the people come from the old boards to these new ones it will be no different when it comes to the crybabies getting deletions when they do the exact thing they cry about it. I think if your going to be a grown up and join a message board you have to realize that people will disagree and debate fervently and you can't take a fervent disagreement with your opinion as a personal attack. And don't cry about stupid comments like "get a life".

A funny observance of opinions is that most Shuis fans are more accepting of Pretty's version of the incident.

8.19.07, 10:13 PM
Oh that is so true, but wait until Pretty goes after Luis you will have a whole different attitude. She will end up being scum.

8.19.07, 10:55 PM
And oh the new nicknames Pretty will get. Probably some of the same ones we gave Sher. Just change the Sher for Pretty and wa-la.

8.19.07, 11:00 PM
Yes, I am sure that we will see a river of new names to flame the fire. Just like a dog with a bone.

8.28.07, 11:53 AM
You might as well start the countdown then, because I'd bet anything that she'll pull a "Theresa" and dress up like Fancy after drugging Luis and have her make love to her. Probably will even tape it for Fancy.

Get ready to hear the onslaught of names. LOL