View Full Version : Soy: not safe for Lupies?

Sara Marie
8.14.07, 11:09 AM
A study published in October 2005 in "International Immunopharmocology" (http://grande.nal.usda.gov/ibids/index.php?mode2=detail&origin=ibids_references&therow=785050) says that soy is dangerous to mice with Lupus and calls for more research for the effect in humans with Lupus. (But we can see where it's headed.)

The report says a soy rich diet exacerbated liver damage in the lupus mice and accelerated or elevated several other indicators for liver disease. No similar effect was found in non-lupus mice.

It also says that the lupus mice eating soy protein had a "tendency toward an increase in thymus weight" -- source of T-cells -- and, "proliferation of T cells in spleen and B cells in lymph nodes."

So; does this mean that even moderate protein "energy" or snack bars are out? They're all made with soy.


9.25.07, 3:08 PM
I think that too much soy is bad - I found out on my own that I was feeling worse when I had edamame for breakfast every day for a week. Love the stuff!

Now if I have a little soy, I'm OK. A protien bar once in a while, or a soy-based sausage, fine. But I make sure to limit the intake.