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7.16.09, 1:43 AM
While waiting in a hospital room to find out what's been wrong with her, a nervous Lily can't help wishing Cane was by her side. "Despite what happened, she still really loves him," affirms Christel Khalil. "I think that in facing this latest challenge, she realizes life is too short to just give up on someone. She now believes that Cane pretended to be Jill's son because he wanted to have a family. He isn't a bad person, so Lily wants to be with him.

Colleen drops by and Lily admits how much she misses Cane and wants to be with him. Outside, Olivia approaches Lily's room with the test results and her sad expression is immediately noticed by Neil and Devon. "Lily has cancer," says Khalil. "Everyone is pretty upset. Neil tries to be strong and urges his daughter not to give up hope."

As Olivia tells Lily about the course of treatment, Lily is stunned to learn that even if she survives, she will more than likely lose all her reproductive organs. "That really hits Lily hard," notes Khalil. "She's been trying to start a family with Cane and now she finds out that she may never be able to have children at all. That's really devastating to her."

Meanwhile, Colleen informs Billy and Mac of Lily's cancer and asks Billy to find Cane. Billy refuses, so Mac decides to find Cane herself and tracks him down at the bus station, where he's just about to skip town. "Everyone is pretty much telling Cane to go," says Daniel Goddard. "Lily has given him back his wedding ring, so there's nothing left there for him. When Mac tells him that Lily needs him, he doesn't believe it. Then Mac just blurts out, 'You can't leave. Lily has cancer.'"

Cane is stunned and confused. "What do you do with that?" poses Goddard. "You find out that the love of your life has cancer and she's rejected you. There's part of you that can leave, there's part of you that can think she doesn't want you, but then there's a part of you that knows you need to make it right."

Mac manages to get Cane to at least stay in town and offers him Billy's trailer to stay in. Cane agrees, but when Mac tells him to go be with Lily, he doesn't think his presence would necessarily be the best medicine. "It's heartbreaking for him," explains Goddard.

Back at the hospital, Neil tells Lily he's taking a leave of absence from Chancellor Industries. Lily fears she must really be a goner if Neil is abandoning work. Mac stops by and brings Lily a laptop and DVD's of her favorite movies. "What she doesn't know is that Cane told Mac this would cheer her up," smiles Khalil. "Lily is really happy. She says, 'I don't know how you knew, Mac, but this is exactly what I needed.' Mac doesn't say anything about Cane being behind it."

Mac then goes back to the trailer and tells Cane about Lily's upcoming surgery. After Mac leaves, Billy shows up and is unhappy to see his faux-brother. "Cane is coming out of the shower and Billy thinks he and Mac are sleeping together," groans Goddard. "Billy kicks him out and tells Cane never to come back. Now it's a really tough time for Cane because he has nowhere to go. he isn't sure what to do, but he really wants to be there for the woman he loves."

Meanwhile, Olivia tells Lily and Neil that she managed to recruit one of the leading gynecological oncologists to perform Lily's surgery that day, but Lily refuses to go under the knife that quickly. "She wants to have her eggs harvested before the surgery," says Khalil. "Olivia says it's not a good idea because she doesn't know how advanced the cancer is, so it isn't wise to wait. But Lily says she has to do this."

Olivia and Neil pressure Lily to go ahead and get the surgery done, but when they leave the room, Lily sneaks out. "She leaves the hospital to search for Cane," says Khalil. "She still really loves him and needs to talk to him."

First, Lily drops by Jimmy's, where Mac and Billy are arguing about Cane. "Billy thinks Lily shouldn't be around Cane, but Mac is like, 'She needs him,'" says Khalil. "That's when Lily tells Billy that she does need Cane. So Billy finally realizes that Mac is right."

Billy then promises to fine Cane, but has he already driven his faux-bro out of Genoa City?

7.20.09, 8:53 PM
I feel sorry for Lily, she wants to have a baby so bad, now it looks like that dream will die. But then again maybe she can have her eggs harvested so that when the time is right she can have children.