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7.11.09, 4:50 PM
Did anyone see this movie?
I'm just wondering what other people thought about it.
I have mixed feelings.
One the one hand, it seemed like the premise for a good story.
On the other hand, it seemed to spiral into the "unbelievable" towards the end.

7.11.09, 7:56 PM
We watched it. I thought the first 3/4 of it were sort of an enjoyable "bad" movie, but in the last quarter I thought it completely fell apart and just became "bad."

I thought it was an interesting premise, but I kept wondering just how many people had to die before it would make the list. Apparently it didn't count things with running totals, like wars! :^)

Overall, thumbs down from me.

7.12.09, 5:01 AM
Watched it tonight and it was ok. I didn't guess right away what was going on... which is good...lol. But the signs were there that it had to do with religion and prophesy. Ezchiel and such.

Overall, the B rating some gave it was pretty much right on. It was entertaining, but it lacked a few things at the end with the kids I wish they would have given more about. Can't say anything more, else I'd give the end away...lol.

7.12.09, 7:18 AM
Yeah, there were big, gaping plot holes in the story.
There was not enough depth and explanation given to several key factors in the story.
And for the life of me, I could not understand the motivation of Nicolas Cage's character to do several of the things he did in this story.

7.13.09, 8:20 PM
I can't understand Nic Cage's motivation to do some of the movies he does! :)