View Full Version : GH - Nightshift - Can't stand Stan or Kelly

8.10.07, 2:04 PM
Stan and all this strike business. What is he doing at the hospital anyway? I thought he was sonny computer guru. Do you think that the janitor is his secret dad? I can't seem to find Stan attractive, his hairline is too high on his head....distracting.

:yikes:And Kelly needs to get on Oprah and fast..girl has some issues regarding her (over) sexuality. I wouldn't want my Ob-gyn near me if she has slept with two guys in a hospital in one day.

gross :soapbox:

8.11.07, 10:45 AM
I think I have a soft spot for Stan because he was Jamal on Port Charles and I loved him and Spunky on that show.

I think the writers are trying to lead us to believe that Touisant is his dad. But I don't see Epiphanany acting so gaga over him if he was Stan's dad. I'm still on the fence with this one.

I'm sick of Kelly already. Let's dealing with her issues already. Was she abused as a child? Was she raped? Whatever it was, let it come out already....