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7.7.09, 5:59 PM
O, its been so long since I or anyone else has been here. Its been so busy for me since the middle of April...

my mom moved in, she had dizzy spells, went to hosp. twice, one for surgery. She is fine now...

My dh has been back and forth to the VA hosp. One suregery and then back for a check up and they put him back in that day, came home 6 days later with a vac. pump in the wound area. Home health nurse had to come out 3 times a week and change the bandage. It came off last wed. he was so glad. Now I change the bandage everyday.

I hurt my foot shortly after mom came home from hosp. Hard to get around and help Doug with his needs but I managed. Its better now. Never did know for sure what was wrong. The dr. said tentitis, whatever, it felt like it was BROKE.

In the meantime, my tomato garden has been took over by weeds. I did see something red peeking thru and I must go pick it. I hope it is worth the trouble to get to it.

So how is everyone??? I hope ya'll had a nice Mothers Day and 4th of July... Come back in someday and tell whats up!!!

Take care ya'll, carolyn

7.11.09, 8:11 AM
Hello Soapy
what a time you've had! Hope all will be back to normal soon with you all feeling better.
Good luck with the garden - enjoy the tomato!
Liz x

12.29.09, 3:55 PM
Here it is the end of December and I find myself responding to your post from this Summer! I am sorry you have had such a time of it. I actually got my last set of ripe, red tomatoes this month! I was eating a red tomato from my garden on December 14th! I picked all the green ones, sliced them, and froze them. I am hoping they will be good fried at a later date. Maybe next year will be a better one for you! I know this one has been better for me than last year, and it started with an ankle injury!

12.29.09, 10:39 PM
O my tomatoes this time of year, you have to be in Fl or Hawaii... I would love to have a fresh tomato sandwich about now. That would be so tasty. I like fried green tomatoes too.

I hope next year will be better for you too. It has to be for me. This has been an awful year. Dh ended up having 3 surgerys this year, he is better now.

Happy New Year to you and many Blessings.