View Full Version : Edna and Norma have got to go

8.10.07, 12:48 AM
Sure they bring a little humor to the show. But not enough to keep them on as much as they have. I think Tabs, Endora, Spike, and Fluffy do just fine without them. You can only make so many diaper and daddy comments before they get stale. And they have gotten stale. Just Edna occasionally wouldn't be so bad. But Norma has got to go. They are nothing but filler.

8.10.07, 10:13 AM
Norma is the reason I quit watching years & years ago & her presence on the show is what keeps me reading recaps instead of actually tuning in. Well, her presence on the show & the utter lack of resolution in ANY of the plotlines.

8.10.07, 11:30 PM
I disagree as I think these gals are hilarious. They show up once in a while, but rarely stay around for too long. The scenes today with Spike and Norma and Edna were the funniest.