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8.9.07, 11:12 PM
When the crowd around Luis said they were out of their minds about his execution and Theresa after surviving Sheridan's attempt to fry her said " Yeah some of us more than others". That was classic. When Sheridan was trying to explain why she tried to fry Theresa was because she couldn't lose Luis?
When he said "You have already lost me." I was doing the triple happy dance.:upsideq::jesterbob::):sing::hatter:

8.10.07, 12:39 AM
Straight from the horses mouth. Yup Luis is done with Sher but since she didn't get that when he was trying to marry Fancy or when he was on that cot professing his love to her, or when he told Fancy that they were "connected"; I am so glad he spelled it out to Sher. In fact the icing on the cake is that everyone was there to witness him say it as well.

To bad Theresa doesn't throw Sher out of the cottage. Or burn it down.

It was a very good day in Harmony.

8.16.07, 7:21 PM
anything SPIKE says christopher maleki is the actor