View Full Version : Victor Is Onto Mary Jane; SOD Article Summary

7.2.09, 12:48 PM
While Mary Jane is doing everything she can to keep her identity a secret and still pursue the object of her obsession Jack, Victor finally realizes that she's up to no good.

When he catches Mary Jane at the hospital visiting Summer and demands that she leave his granddaughter alone he starts to become suspicious. At that same time Heather who is in the dark about this all being MJ's doing, is trying to figure out how Summer who's highly allergic came into contact with the peanuts. "Mary Jane's juggling a lot of things at once" acknowledges her portrayer, Stacy Haiduk. "She does worry that everything can fall apart, but I think when she does, she talks things out with Kitty. As soon as something is going one way, she creates a plan to make it go into another direction. And she's determined to win Jack and make him love her no matter what."

While MJ is out that's when Victor takes the chance to stop by her suite at the G.C.A.C to do some snooping. That's when he comes across her "Wall of Enemies" which contains photos of Jack, Sharon and Phyllis. When MJ returns to her suite Victor informs her that he's sending her out of town.

When asked if MJ will obey Victor's orders, Haiduk replies by saying "She's a little nervous about him." and "once she had her mind set on something, there's no stopping her. And if you're in her way, watch out (laughs)!"