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8.8.07, 10:26 PM
I was reading that Luis and Sheridan find a body in the pool at the Crane Mansion. Does this mean that Sam arrests her for attempted murder on Theresa and then lets her go. Also read that Theresa decided not to press charges against her. That decision is not up to Theresa, attempted murder is a capital offense and Sam as an officer of the court would be bound by the court to press charges. Does she get out on bail? Is Theresa not upset by the fact that Sheridan tried to kill her? None of this is making sense. The locked up Miguel for the same thing, he was charged with attempted murder.:o

8.9.07, 6:01 PM
It made no sense that Sam didn't arrest Sher when T said that it was her that put her in the electric chair and flipped the switch. Oh and I read a spoiler that it's Pretty they find in the pool. So I'm wondering if Fancy will get arrested at Pretty's accusation.

Hey the hide feature for spoilers is cool.

8.9.07, 7:51 PM
Yes, I think this new board is really going to be a lot better than the old one. Actually the fact that Sheridan is out might be better because she can watch Lancy celebrate and think of more psycho things to do.

8.10.07, 12:33 AM
Now we'll have two Gwennie's running around Harmony.