View Full Version : Donna & Thorne...

8.8.07, 10:43 AM
Donna used to be so darn boring, now that she's front-burner, I'm loving it!! I don't think she really knows who she's messing with by getting involved with Thorne, but I'm gonna love watching the fur fly when Stephanie gets in the mix!

12.16.07, 9:30 AM
Well,the fur has flown and now she's hooked Eric. Katie seems to be the more sensible one of the sisters.

12.26.07, 1:44 PM
Wow...you don't watch for a while and expect all to be essentially the same....and Yowza!!! The first scene I see after all this time is Donna and ERIC cradling each other's face and discussing THEIR relationship!!!! OMG. That totally bowled me over. Wow. hahahah.... What a surprise!!! Last I saw of Donna was her determined to seduce Thorne. B&B never changes their MO by much do they! *shakes head*