View Full Version : Spoilers & Previews; Week of 7/6

6.26.09, 11:14 PM
got this from Daytime Royalty

- Everyone is stunned when Phillip reveals that his death was not an accident!

- A stunned Katherine collapses!

- Summer continues to fight for her life in the hospital.

- Lily returns her engagement ring to Cane ( I thought they was married)

6.27.09, 4:55 PM
added spoilers

Deacon Sharpe arrives in Genoa City

Phillip shocks his family with the news that his "death" was deliberate

Katherine collapses

Lily refuses to continue wearing Cane's ring

Summer is mortally ill

Jack learns the truth about "Baby Abbott"

Ashley falls further and further into a parallel world

Adam fights hard to evade discovery

Lily believes she's finally pregnant

A sudden accident may play into Paul's shock at Nikki's failure to appear for their wedding - could Mary Jane be behind it?

7.2.09, 3:54 PM
Poor Lily..doesn't knows what's coming to her