View Full Version : Hey Shortness!

6.21.09, 7:22 PM
Hey Girl!
Guess what? My first nurse when I got to the hospital was named Shelbie! Of course I instantly thought of you. And she was the sweetest! Too bad I didn't have her the whole time because the other nurses were a nightmare! I know the spelling is different, but still, it was almost like a visit from you. :-) Hope you're doing okay.

6.22.09, 9:33 AM
Wow. Was just thinking of you & here you are. Hope you are doing ok. Glad your nurses name brought a smile to your face.

I'm doing ok. It's a rollercoaster ride. Everyone is my business making it more difficult. Finally found a house so I'm busy cleaning and painting it, hope to move by the end of the week. After living in my camper for 4 weeks, I'm ready to hang a 4-sale sign on it!

Fathers Day was rough. My dad is still not speaking to me. That is heartbreaking. & my Grandpa is losing his battle with cancer, isn't expected to make it through the week. I spent Father's Day with him.

Haven't seen a race in weeks. No TV. Have been keeping up with my fantasy league though. In 1st for the summer section & 2nd overall. Woo Hoo!

6.27.09, 12:46 AM
oh Shortness. I'm so sorry. Sorry to hear about your grandfather losing his battle. I don't know why your dad isn't speaking to you but I'm really sorry, I do know how that feels when loved ones pass judgment on you and decide to stop speaking to you. It is heartbreaking. Hope things get better for you!
Glad to hear at least your fantasy league is going well! lol Hope you were able to move into your house and hope you enjoy the weekend with the girls!