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6.15.09, 9:19 PM
Dr. Tiller wasn't going out approaching women asking them to have abortions. He was the last result for these women, who by all accounts planned on having their babies. Some probably had the nursery ready, picked out names and had their baby showers; but after their doctors discovered something terribly wrong, something that could cause them to lose their lives if they carried the baby to term.

Their doctors advised them to terminate their pregnancies. ("Kansas law allows late-term abortions if two doctors agree that it is necessary to save a woman's life or prevent "substantial and irreversible" harm to "a major bodily function.)

That is an awful choice to have to make, but that was the reality for thousands of women who had to make the choice to have a late- term abortion. This doctor saved the lives of these women, he didn't make the initial call, a special panel and two doctors from different practices decided this was the best way to preserve the health of the mother.

As a mother of two children, my first obligation is to my two children. If I ever found myself in this type of situation that would help me in determining how to proceed. Life isn't black or white or pretty for some.

Sometimes it's about making hard choices and doing what's best for that individual and their family. No one in their right mind finds joy in having an abortion, especially a late- term abortion. It's amazing to me that the people who called this doctor a killer , showed little regard for the women who's lives were in danger if they went through with their pregnancies. What an awful choice to have to make. I hope that the folks out there celebrating this doctors death, will never find themselves in a position to have to make such a "choice."