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6.12.09, 11:08 PM
I haven't seen Wednesday, Thursday or Friday's shows yet, but I must say that Ali Sweeney is AMAZING. There have been many who have criticized her acting abilities, I can't help but think that they will now reconsider that opinion.

I literally sobbed watching Sami and Rafe with Grace. What powerful work from both actors. Then again, I have been an Ali fan for years and loved Galen Gering on Passions. Sami and Rafe have amazing chemistry and I hope that they don't ruin things by trying to put Sami and EJ (YUCK!!! ) back together. If Sami and Rafe can help each other through the loss of Grace, they will be long term couple.

I hate that they killed off Grace and the other spoilers about how people react to Sami after they hear the news. I think the writers have it wrong here.

One of the best things the writers have done in a long time was the Sami/Rafe pairing. I think they have the potential to be a new "super-couple." I know many will disagree with me, but I LOVE them.

So, while I think the writers screwed up royally by killing Grace, and will probably screw up again when people in Salem begin to learn the truth about Grace, they have it absolutely right when they put Sami and Rafe together, they totally rock!

6.13.09, 12:35 AM
Okay, I have now seen Wednesday, Thursday and Friday shows . .. . .

EJ is an A$$! I HATE him. I can kind of understand the first time he told Sami she killed Grace, but he kept saying it. What a jerk. I admit that I never really liked him but now I HATE him.

He has zero redeemable qualities. ARGH!

6.22.09, 3:15 PM
I've been on vacation for 10 days, so missed a lot of the emotional episodes with Grace(I'm trying to catch up on the DVR). But, I too, really am enjoying the Sami&Rafe(Safe) pairing...they have an emotional storyline, good chemistry, interesting inter-actions with other characters on the show(I'm enjoying the actress who plays Arianna). I always enjoyed Galen on "Passions", but he is showing more in-depth emotion on "DOOL". I had given up on "DOOL" when JER was writing for them(the whole crazy "island" thing and he was killing off everyone), and have only slowly begun watching again, and am now hooked on the SAFE S/L. I FF thru the whole Lucas/Chloe/Dan/Max/Melanie/Stephanie/Philip storylines. "SAFE" are not "Hot" the way Sheridan&Luis were, but they have depth & emotion. I had tears in my eyes during last Friday's show during the funeral...Ali Sweeney was terrifically heart-breaking.

6.22.09, 3:19 PM
PS: I agree I dont like the storyline of killing off Baby Grace: it was a great storyline with Rafe being her Father and I wanted Mia to find out Grace was Really HER baby...it had lots of storyline potential especially considering Mia's relationship with Will. There was lots they could have done with that storyline. I'm interested to see what the repurcussions are from Grace's death...I have the feeling its more a vehicle for Nicole's storyline to build-up. I guess they've greased up James Scott's hair to make him look like a "bad guy", but he really looks "icky"...I never saw the EJami romance, so I prefer that the storyline stay focused on Sami & Rafe.

6.30.09, 4:44 PM
Baby Grace's passing was so darn sad, I was just exhausted when that was over. I think Ali Sweeney did such a fantastic acting job on the scene's about Grace.
Can they get any more grease into James Scotts hair?
I dont think so !!

6.30.09, 5:46 PM
Ali Sweeney was just Terrific in those emotional scenes. And the way that Baby playing Grace kept looking up into everyone's faces as they held her was just precious. And I thought Arianne Zucker was terrific also as Nicole broke down in guilt. Some really good scenes recently, I'm enjoying the show again(except for Philip&Steph, they have no chemistry and I'm sick of Chloe/Lucas/Dr.Dan/Kate).