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8.3.07, 2:14 PM
Are TIIC really going to kill off Lucas in favor of EJAMI? I really hate EJ and think that there is no way Sami is in love, lust or anything else. I haven't regularly since May, but this just seems ridiculous. Why can't they leave certain couples be i.e. John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Sami and Lucas. These people belong together in my opinion.

I am one who sees the sparks fly between Ali and Bryan all the time.

If anyone listens, please leave LUMI alone. Hook up EJ with something else. Redeem his if you must, but keep him away from LUMI.

On a different note: Are Ali and James providing the accents or are there voiceovers? If they are doing them, I think they are fabulous. I am not an expert on Irish accents, but I think that hers is really good.

8.4.07, 9:28 AM
I wouldnt worry sweetie Bryan just resigned his contract,I dont see him going anywhere except to kick EJ's sorry butt

8.6.07, 5:20 PM
krhater!!!!! Where have you been girl?? I miss you on the old board - thought I had to re-register here and I'm Ali_Fan here but hatekate over there.

8.6.07, 8:21 PM
If you're referring to EJ talking about killing Lucas, I'm pretty sure that's just a fantasy.

I used to be a big Lumi fan but lately Lucas has been driving me nuts with all his screaming. I don't know if that's the direction he's getting or it's his own acting choice, but holy cow, dude, take it down a notch! I get it, you don't like EJ. You want Sami safe. OK.

8.17.07, 1:03 PM
The actors are doing the accents. I read on Ali's blog not too long ago about her practicing her Irish accent and reading bed-time stories to Ben in her Irish accent. I agree with you that she does a fabulous job.

8.27.07, 1:15 AM
I think its just a rumor, Lucus isn't going anywhere, and I think the rumors about John are just rumors too! They have too many fans and that would be soooo dumb! :censored: