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8.3.07, 2:45 AM
Galen, and Emily........ July 30, 03:49 PM
Hi Everybody!

GG- Hey we are all here. It's a party line.
EM- Thanks for being here. We are looking forward to reading your comments.

July 30, 03:58 PM
What you like to do in your spare time

GG: I'm in the garden fixing the sprinkler at the moment.

EH: I wish I had a garden. I do live close to the beach, that's what I like to do during the summer.

July 30, 04:03 PM
How do we cry on the spot?

EH- Good question. Luis cries everyday, we all know that. I'll be honest, we use these vapor eyes that are always on call if we need it, because we move so fast on the set. But, as an actor, you also use motivation and think of things that make you sad.

MW- I totally agree with what Em said. We use this thing called blow, (not drugs) and they blow this substance in our eyes and make us cry. Or you think of something sad, that always works. I, personally, can't just cry, I need to think of something to make me cry.

GG- I am trying to remember when Luis had to cry. I usually just believe in an imaginary circumstance. The thinking of something sad in my life, it's then hard to concentrate on the actual scene. Different processes work for different people.

EH- The execution scenes that we just shot, for example, if one actor starts crying, it's very easy to all start crying.

GG- Or the director will yell at you!

July 30, 04:09 PM
Favorite storylines that you enjoyed working on

EH: For the drama aspect, unfortunately, the rape with the peeping tom. My favorite comic storyline, training to be the cop.

MW: This is going way back, a couple of things. The Tango, the past life stuff, and really anytime I work with Spike. I love working with Spike.

GG: One of the past lives was this pirate storyline, that was a lot of fun. Hansel & Gretel was great. Working with the orangutan! The real orangutan, not a fellow actor http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/smile.gif .

July 30, 04:09 PM
For Lindsay- Do we read message boards?

MW- Once in a while, I will read the Passions boards. But, usually I check my own website. Sometimes, I even enter a chat room just to surprise people.

EH- To be completely honest, I do not. My only excuse is that I am not internet savy. I don't do Myspace or check my email. I have never logged into a chat room. I don't even know if I worded that right.

GG- I used to a bit. I guess if there is a major storyline that I like or don't like, I like to see if the fans agree with me. Every once in a while, I will sign in. I should do it, again, soon!

July 30, 04:14 PM
Are you excited about the move to DirecTV?

EH: Yeah definitely! To know the show was resurrected was very exciting! These two are the heavy weights so they'll have their own opinions on it, but selfishly I was happy to be employed, very happy.

GG: I would say it's exciting, so yes we're staying on the show, most of us. The drawback is that it's smaller, so some folks won't be employed there anymore.

MW: It's definitely exciting for the show to be continuing on. it seems soaps are a dying breed, so it seems cable is the place for them to go.

July 30, 04:14 PM
For Amanda- Do we know about the storylines ahead of time?

GG- I usually know about the storylines a couple of months ahead of time.

MW- WHAT? You do?

GG- Well, I am so tight with all the producers, you know? Kidding. I usually know a few weeks in advance. There are ways to know, with elaborate sets that are being designed.

EH- Wardrobe always give away the secrets.

July 30, 04:18 PM
McKenzie, are you enjoying being evil?

MW: I love being the bitch!

EH: You're doing great! I have been so excited watching you got through this process

MW: I'm really having a lot of fun going through this. It's a nice twist having been America's sweetheart for 8 years.
July 30, 04:18 PM
For Megan- Positive developements for Sheridan and Luis?

MW- I honestly don't know what direction my character is going. So far, I am just staying nasty and I like it that way.

July 30, 04:20 PM
For Brandi- Do we work-out?

GG- The girls work-out like crazy.

EH- Well, I recently joined a gym at my college. I have always been a dancer, I try to keep up with that as cardio. I stay active in pilates and volleyball, too.

MW- I do pilates and yoga twice a week, running or eliptical four times a week, and weights twice a week. Sometimes, I box.

EH- You box?

MW- Well, sometimes.
July 30, 04:22 PM
Will Delilah get her just deserts for keeping Luis and Fancy apart?

MW: The tables can only turn.

EH: I donít know. Itís hard to say. We only get storylines a week out.

GG: One can only hope.

July 30, 04:23 PM
Besides working on Passions, what roles we would love to pursue

EH: I would love to do a sitcom.

GG: Me too, great hours!

EH: Let's all do a sitcom together!

MW: Night shift! The Harmony Trio.

EH: The Three Stooges!

GG: McKenzie will bring Spike along.

July 30, 04:23 PM
For Mariah- The Man diguise

EH- How did Galen describe the costume?

GG- As a love child of Kurt Cobain and David Spade. Haha. It's scary that you were a good looking dude!

MW- I had a blast in that role. I am not going to say who, but somebody who works on the show, a girl, actually hit on me.

GG- Wait, hold on? You are just telling me about this. Some girl from the show hit on you, as a man? Woah.

MW- I won't say any names, but it was a member of the crew. She was embarrassed once she realized it was me.

July 30, 04:26 PM
Favorite music right now

MW: Anything by Switchfoot.

GG: I'm really big on this band called Spoon. Smashing Pumpkins has a new album. Incubus. For something mellow, Nick Drake. I listen to that if I want to be emotional.

EH: I have an eclectic taste, everything from rock to pop. Frank Sinatra to Led Zeppelin. Right now Timbaland is my favorite hip hop band. And recently I saw the move Black Snake Moan - its all about the blues!

MW: Also Whiskey Falls. I have to say that.

July 30, 04:26 PM
Fight scenes

MW- Emily and I had one that recently aired, it was awesome. Emily kicked my ass.

EH-I just talked to my mom about it and she loved it. If you haven't seen the scene, please go back and watch it.
I had so much fun doing that scene. Thank God for stunt doubles. I have the best times with those scenes.

MW- What's fun with working in these scenes is after kicking eachother's butts, when they call, "cut", we just crack-up. We have so much fun working together.

GG- I love those scenes. I love it. I say, bring on the mud or Jell-O! Now that we are moving to cable, who knows what we can get away with. Honestly, the girls are so much fun to watch. They come in and are so sweet, but when they fight, they let it fly! Sometimes, somebody gets hurt, because there is so much to knock into, and they never complain. You girls are troopers.

MW- Thanks, buddy!

EH- Aww, thanks.
July 30, 04:31 PM

GG: Thanks to everyone for coming in and joining us!

MW: Yes, thanks. Until next time!

EH: And thank you so much for all of your support on the show!