View Full Version : Should DOOL let us fans name Sami's babies? Any names in mind?

8.1.07, 10:07 PM
I would love to have some input on the names of the twins Lucas and Sami are having. Just like they did with Ciara.
Maybe we should have a mock poll and vote. What do you think?


8.1.07, 11:09 PM
That is a great idea!

8.2.07, 1:10 PM
This is interesting:

I like Nathan and Rory for boys, and how about Leah and Hannah --- although Katie is one of the most popular Irish names -- very funny!!!

8.2.07, 3:10 PM
There's no way on earth Sami would name her baby girl Katie. After all the sheet Kate has put her and Lucas through. And right now they still don't even now the half of it.

I'll think about it. But with the Bope baby being named Ciara maybe the writers should pick the names.

8.2.07, 5:19 PM
I just hope whoever names them does a good job. Sometimes I think when the writers pick names for soapbabies they don't think about the character having that name as a grown up. Perfect example... Elvis Jr. I'm sure when he was named they had no intention of bringing him back later as an actual character, but here we are stuck with a smokin' hot guy named... Elvis. Every time someone calls him that I cringe. I'd go by EJ too. And I'm not crazy about the name Ciara either.

A perfect example of bad baby naming is B&B. Brooke named her first child Eric (after his father... Eric) so when he was a baby they called him Little Eric. Obviously when he grew up they couldn't call him that so they changed it to Rick. Then she named her next child Bridget as a combination of her name and Ridge's name (the dad) but turns out, Ridge isn't her dad. Then she names her youngest child, Ridge Jr., because Ridge IS his father... at least for now. It'll be really awkward for him later in life if it turns out Ridge isn't his daddy either which is entirely possible because at first it was thought that Nick was his dad.

8.3.07, 12:41 PM
Grace/Gracie- Alice Roberts or Hannah- Joy Roberts for girls and Jacob/Jake- Roman Roberts or Joshua/Josh/JB- Bill Roberts for boys.

What do you think?

I's love it if Nick turned out to be RJ's father. I just found out Brook and Ridge supposedly had a kid together 2 months ago and it makes me sick!

8.3.07, 8:32 PM
here's my 2 cents. Grayson (for alice) Marley (for Marlena) for the female and John Roman (call him J.R. for the boy)

8.3.07, 11:00 PM
Desmond Thomas for the boy...
Faith Maria for the girl....
Because it's going to take some Faith for this couple to remain together

8.10.07, 7:34 PM
If they are boy / girl twins or boy / boy twins I like Frances and Reid.

8.11.07, 4:23 PM
After a few more posts for names I will start a mock poll unless someone else wants to do it. Here are a few more names I came up with:
Boys: Joshua "Gene" Roberts
Joshua Roman Roberts
Barrett Sutton Roberts
Girls: Bailey "Gene" Roberts
Kassidy "Gene" Roberts
Madelyn "Marley"/Marlena Roberts

8.19.07, 9:22 PM
No Reid please. Uh that's Austins last name. Yuck. I still haven't put any thought into it yet.

8.19.07, 9:52 PM
Levi Jacob Roberts for a boy and Leah Janae Roberts for a girl.
Both would have the same intials and the same amount of letters in their name.

8.19.07, 11:50 PM
I say Luke and Leia.

8.19.07, 11:56 PM
Those are good too!

8.20.07, 1:19 AM
I like the name Luke as well. I , personally, am leaning toward the suggestion of Marley,Hannah, and Grace for the girls. All the names so far are cool. Will be starting the poll in about a week or so.