View Full Version : I would hardly call Pretty "Disfigured"!

8.1.07, 3:33 PM
Are they kidding? That little tiny scar on the side of her face is what "ruined her life". Its barely noticeable. Are we to believe that the Cranes, with all of the money they have, can't find a decent plastic surgeon to fix that? Give me a break!

8.1.07, 6:39 PM
If that is the message they are sending to so many young people, who have far bigger issues with their faces or bodies, than I just don't get it. It doesn't bother me that most of the characters are good-looking, except for the ones that are ridiculous, like Norma ... but to say that no one will ever kiss someone because of a scar like that, seems beyond shallow.

8.1.07, 9:16 PM
I agree and you can not tell me that is not fixable. I watch a lot of Discovery and they can reconstruct an entire face that has almost been burn off. No eyelids, no nose no lips. I hate it when the writers think that we are so stupid that we buy this. She obviously has more scars than on her face, she has scar tissue on her brain. I am also disappointed that this is the big thing that hinged on Fancy and Luis's wedding. That is it? Then SherSher lurking in doorways with that freak Vincent jumping up and down with glee. Well Pretty and Fancy have a swell little auntie there. You can tell she is related to Beth and Al. Have you ever seen the exortist? I keep waiting for SherSher's head to spin around and have her throw up green pea soup.

8.1.07, 9:31 PM
I posted this on the other board but I'm putting it here as well.

Sheridan is a complete whacko out of jealousy. Only a jealous nutcase would rather see her "love" dead than marrying the woman he truly loves. Pretty is just as angry and immature as a teenager. When you look straight at her she's a total knockout. She has to turn to the side and pull back her hair to reveal that scar. She withdrew from her family, ran away, and held onto that teenage anger to the point of not letting anyone love her.
Todays show was a complete reveal of how immature, selfish, and spoiled Sher and Pretty are and how much Fancy has matured and grown in the last year.

8.1.07, 10:36 PM
I am really enjoying the boards tonight, I have not had this much fun in a long time. Some of the posts are just classic. ITA with what you are saying about Pretty. She must take after "auntie sher sher".

8.2.07, 2:20 PM
Yea i agree with all of you the "you scarred me for life" is a complete joke to say the least and the unrealistic plot to have her not be able to fix that problem with all the crane millions is beyond me.....i mean didn't Allistair turn himself into a woman and help deliver his own grandchild?? but getting a scar to disappear is just too much to handle :confused:....not buying it

8.2.07, 7:23 PM
Well I think that problem is that Fancy was becoming just a little bit to popular and they had to come up with something to taint her like the rest of the cast. They really need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something better than this stupid Pretty s/l.

8.7.07, 10:10 AM
I agree. Fancy has really gotten a following of fans that not only like her but love her with Luis. With her character growing from spoiled brat to a police woman they had to try and dig something up to make her look bad and become an obstacle between her and Luis. After all Passions is all about the obstacles that keep couples apart.

8.10.07, 10:11 AM
I haven't watched Pash in awhile, but IMO Shuis is THE supercouple. I'm not buying Luis "really" loving her in the least. Sheridan has been driven insane by years of abuse & now jealousy.
But that's kinda beside the point I guess. Pretty is hardly "disfigured" & I'm ready for her to hit the road unless she has a pretty incredible back-story beyond all this nonsense with her alleged mutilation.