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5.19.09, 5:38 PM
Spring is here but it was 45 deg this morning. It was chilly and dh had an early morning dr. appointment so we were up early(6am) We had frost on the car. He said there goes our garden. When we got home he looks at the tomatoe plants and says they may be ok, we'll know in 2 or 3 days.

I have a new computer and a new camera. I am trying to learn how to get pix on here of my garden.

Ta ta till next time, CJ

5.23.09, 5:12 PM
Good to know you are still there Soapy!
Would love to see your garden pics - post 'em or mail me some please! I'm in gangbusters mode in the garden at the moment!! It's been really hot here but the other night I had to get up in the night around 2 am for the dog and it was chilly outside - no frost but I was breathing smojke out (if you know what I mean!) I think I have avtually planted everything now! Will keep sowing carrots and salads etc but hopefully we can await the fruits of our labours now - apart from the thinning out, transplanting and weeding of course! Already harvesting beans and salad so there is something to eat with the eggs and Gordon! (Gordon (sheep) is now in the freezer!)
Enjoy your camera and puter!
Liz x

5.25.09, 12:33 PM
Hubby was off all last week on hols so we worked on the outside of the house. He put in a whole new flower/rock garden that turned out beautiful. He has a really nice mixture of plants and shrubs in it and with the large rocks it looks really sharp. I also got all my pots and hanging baskets all perked up and potted. We were babysitting my 4 year old grandson on Thursday when we were outside working. He had a bucket of dirt that he wanted us in the worst way to add some water to for him. He was even trying his prettiest "please, Mimi"... He wanted mud. We kept saying no to him and I was busy with the pots and I looked up and there he was spitting into the bucket trying to make mud! He certainly was determined. So we are all done, the pond is all clean and I have happy fish and all I have to do is keep up with the weeding. It would be great to see photos of your gardens, please post them.

We have finally been having some beautiful weather, georgous and sunny. Due for a couple of rainy days tomorrow and Wed but then back to sun, so it will be so nice. It can stay this way till October.

So any travel plans for the summer?

Take care and keep smiling! Penny

5.26.09, 1:45 AM
Well I haven't learnt how to put in a photo folder yet, It was already programed in the old comp. but my dil has to do that for me. Once she gets "my pictures" folder set up I should be able to scan and add to that. Thats how I did it before. I am too old to learn this new stuff.

Penny, I love to hear about your grandson. When my grandson was 2, he wanted me to plant green beans. He loved them at that time, the next year he wouldn't touch them. He is 5 now and still loves to play in the dirt and sand.

Ta Ta for now. CJ

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