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7.31.07, 11:06 PM
Birthdate: July 27
Birthplace: Harrisburg, PA
Years On Show: 2002-present
Marital Status: Wed wife Lisa in 2003. The couple welcomed twin sons
Mason and Chase in April 2006.
Former Soap Roles: Demon on PASSIONS

THE 411
Eric Martsolf grew up with brother Justin, mom Nancy (a teacher) and
dad Rick (a lawyer) in Harrisburg, PA. In the early '90s, during his
breaks from Dickinson College, he showed off his singing and dancing
chops during a sweet gig at Hershey Park, a chocolate-theme park

After receiving a political science degree, he chucked his plans to
become an attorney and embarked on a career as a performer. That
road let him to the sea, where he sang on a cruise ship. Afterward,
he landed in Dollywood, Dolly Parton's amusement park, located in
Pigeon Forge, TN. After two years performing there, Martsolf signed
a four-year contract playing Pharaoh in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph
and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on a national tour.

With about 40 musicals and plays on his resum้, Martsolf landed a
role on PASSIONS in 2002. He played a demon in hell when Theresa
attempted to commit suicide. Later that year, he returned for a much
bigger role— Ethan (replacing original portrayer Travis Schuldt). In
December 2002, the actor proposed to girlfriend Lisa, a professional
dancer and choreographer. They married the following year and
welcomed fraternal twin boys, Mason and Chase, on April 7, 2006.

Though his family and life in Harmony take up most of his time,
Martsolf continues to pursue a singing career. His self-titled album
was released in summer 2007, which can be heard at

Five Random Facts
— Sang a duet with Dolly Parton
— Once worked at Universal Studios as Spider-man, the Green Goblin,
the Scorpion King and Elwood Blues
— In sixth grade, he was bit on the right cheek by a brown recluse
spider in the Poconos Mountains
— Knows how to speak French
— Plays drums

"She is probably the most down-to-earth celebrity I've ever met." —
On meeting Dolly Parton, Soap Opera Digest, 10/15/02

"Liza [Huber] and I went to the mall during our first week together
and we were concerned about it. We were like, `Isn't this going to
be strange, Ethan and Gwen walking around?' But we managed to make
it through the mall with a few double takes here and there." —
Digest, 4/8/02

"I like to pick things off of Liza when she has an article of food
on her face from lunch or a stain on her shirt. And she'll be the
first to admit that she is always a mess; she always has something
on her and I'm always the one to pick the piece of bread off her lip
or something like that." — Digest, 2/3/04

"[I admire] Eric for coming into a big, established character and
just going for it without fear. [To Martsolf] You changed a lot of
the ways Travis [Schuldt, ex-Ethan] played it and you are a totally
different Ethan.... You went full-steam ahead and I really admire
that about you." — Lindsay Hartley (Theresa, PASSIONS), Digest,
There is a great slide show of Eric's pics.....some I have seen before, but some I have not.

8.10.07, 8:03 PM
I love Eric!
You can tell that Eric and Liza are the best of friends!