View Full Version : Hmmm Kayla wants to adopt a needy child

7.31.07, 5:14 PM
I wonder if this is a lead in to who gets the Phimi baby. For some reason I see Stayla adopting a baby and then after months and months Phil who finally gives a crap about what happened to his baby finds out that the Stayla baby is his. Then the Brady/Kiriakis was is reborn.

7.31.07, 10:54 PM
I mean the Brady/Kiriakis war is reborn.

7.31.07, 11:25 PM
I knew what you meant. I am just not to keen on the empty nest s/l. I think there is a lot of things that is going to come out, but I do like the mimi/phil baby theory. That could be interesting.

8.3.07, 7:33 PM

8.11.07, 5:29 PM
Looks like u hit the nail on the head with this one.

8.23.07, 9:28 AM
It also seems that the show will only pay for one baby at a time. Now that we have Pocket (the stupidest name on earth) we aren't seeing Ciara or Claire.

8.24.07, 6:39 AM
It also seems that the show will only pay for one baby at a time. Now that we have Pocket (the stupidest name on earth) we aren't seeing Ciara or Claire.
You have made so much sense out of this.

8.25.07, 12:06 AM
I mean the Brady/Kiriakis war is reborn.
Looks like it huh? Cute baby!

8.26.07, 12:21 AM
I think they should give Phillip his darn kid so he can focus on being a father to his own child instead of to his niece. I also think Kayla and Steve should focus on knocking some sense into their dumb daughter Stephanie. Whether we like it or not, once Phillip has his kid, the kid will be just fine. And where the heck is Victor? He'd send out and army to find his own grandchild. I guess Phillip hasn't told his Dad anything huh? What, he can handle this all by himself? Or is it just another ploy to get closer to Belle ( who by the way Phil, aint diggin you anymore, just whats in your pockets). That kinda sounded nasty but you all know what I mean. Anyway, let's get on with this story, bring back the new Mimi, let her and Phil raise their kid, let Shawn & Belle raise their kid, kill Stephano already and show me more of Anna/Tony/Roman drama!

8.28.07, 3:06 AM
I hope the baby turns out to be a Phelle baby! U never know what could have happened when those eggs got mixed up. Shawn is a loser. Belle should be with Philip. He's a real man, and he's hot as hell! :couple:

9.4.07, 10:53 PM
Oh yes Phil what a man. He runs away from his problems and gets his face shot off. He is a piece of elephant dung. Yep try twice to have your baby aborted and sign it away then one day think that you have a baby. Sorry Pip gave his chance at fatherhood up. He did it with a clear thinking adult mind. He does not have a child.

9.5.07, 1:52 PM
I agree with you, DrakesCake. When the whole egg/sperm switching thing went down, I was sure the babies were Shelle and Phimi. But now, the way the story is going, I think Pocket will be a Phelle baby. This will be a way to tie Belle to Phil, and thus further the triangle. I used to be a Shelle fan, but since BB has taken over the role of Shawn - I just can't get into Shelle as a couple. JKJ makes such an awesome Phil that I'd love to see him as part of a power couple, either with Belle or someone else. Those dimples are gorgeous! I couldn't stand Phil when he was played by KB, but I'm sure a fan again since JKJ came back.