View Full Version : Angels & Demons

5.16.09, 2:39 PM
All in all, I can only give this movie a "meh".
The screenplay wandered WAY too far from the book.
Several key elements from the original story are missing.
The movie is too long (2 hours 20 minutes).
The acting is good, the scenery is lovely.
It's definitely one to put on the "wait til it comes out on DVD" list.
I'm starting to think Dan Browns novels are too complex to put on film adequately.

5.19.09, 10:43 AM
My husband can't wait to see this one.

5.19.09, 10:45 AM
The scenery is lovely.
I've never been to Rome, so it was a cheap way of seeing what parts of it look like.
I wish the movie had been more true to the book, but I say that about almost every screen adaption of a novel.