View Full Version : Loved the Evian scenes except for

7.31.07, 5:50 PM
Julian not letting Eve call the warden. But we all know that Luis will be saved. Is this a sign that Eve and Julian are back together. I hope so.

7.31.07, 11:23 PM
I am not so sure because we don't know how differently the scenes will play out after Endora turns back time. Now I like Juvy but I think Ben plays well with whoever is oposite him. With this sl at least it's got a little more meat than the last time they got together as it was more of the fairy tale come true type of sl. Cute and sweet but no drama.

7.31.07, 11:49 PM
That is true, they really are at their best when there is turmoil. Some couples just do not do well with the drama, but they do pull it off. I too liked Juvy, but Ivy is not going to give up on Sam and I think Julian will alway gravitate towards Eve. I like couples that are interesting and funny, but I also like a pinch of mystery. There are couples that really are boring and you just could care less whether they stay together or not.

8.1.07, 4:45 PM
I loved the Evian scenes. Finally, we got Julian opening up his heart again, and all that love for Eve came pouring out. I thought it was so romantic! My favorite part was him saying he would go to the grave with her name on his lips. Ben had tears in his eyes there. What powerful, beautiful, bittersweet words.

I love that Eve pulled him to her for that kiss. It sure seems like they are back together again. I love them having a story, and on Passions, that usually means some turmoil. I just don't want it being like the incest turmoil that ate up most of their time together the first time. I want this to be for good. And I do want Julian to get CI, and he and Eve to finally rule the mansion, not just live there. And I'd love to see some more of the humor they displayed in those kitchen scenes. That was fun.

But for romance and the sheer beauty of true love, Evian can't be beat. Passions had a big hole when they weren't together. I hope they are back to stay!

And I agree, Julian needs to let Eve do the right thing. She will be haunted forever, he too, if she doesn't.