View Full Version : Good job Nick, it is about time. But

7.31.07, 5:43 PM
why did he not tell the truth about Kate? I really want her nasty schemes to come out.:rolleyes:

7.31.07, 6:08 PM
I was really hoping he was going to tell everything. What's funny is Sami and Lucas had Kate's number the way they both looked at her at the same time when they thought of who would put Nick up to lying. The clips for tomorow look interesting. Nick needs to let it all out so Kate can get some well deserved payback from all the Brady's. It's her fault that Sami got gassed and kidnapped and she should at least pay for that.

7.31.07, 6:23 PM
I totally agree, I have been wanting Kate to get busted for years. Quick question. Are they still going to have the updates and Thoughts posted by Dustin after this show moves to Direct?

7.31.07, 11:53 PM
Well when Passions moves to Direct I think Dustin will still do his thing. I don't think he's affiliated with NBC. I think Dustins site is all his own venture.

8.1.07, 12:21 AM
That is good because Direct TV just isn't an option and this way I can still keep up with Passions and also with good posters like you that will tell it like it is.

8.1.07, 10:10 PM
Well seeing Kate on the receiving end of blackmail is fine with me and on top of that, being blackmailed from an unlikely source, Nick! It may not be on the level of any of Kates horrid blackmail history, but it's a start.

8.2.07, 3:31 AM
Kate was looking like she was very nervous. Nick was so cool when he was giving her the options. Loved every minute of that. I want her busted so bad.

8.2.07, 3:13 PM
Kates undoing needs to be big and I mean colossal big. Otherwise why bother. She needs to be a broke 2 dollar hooker. Hell she couldn't make 50 a night for Jeremy as far as I'm concerned.

8.2.07, 5:08 PM
LMAO, SarahBeth! I so agree!

8.2.07, 8:09 PM
Good one. Yes I agree and when she gets busted this time I think it needs to be huge. Like the whole town knows, criminal charges, court trial, jail time. Billie needs to quit forgiving her mother over and over and over.