View Full Version : Fancy, Endora and Palomas dresses

7.31.07, 1:27 PM

I like Fancy's dress. It looks real good on her but could never wear the style myself. Endora is as cute as a button as always. Paloma's is kinda hard to see the detail so I'm waiting till I see it on screen.

10.10.07, 6:18 PM
Thank you SB for the wonderful pictures. It is so good to see Fancy in such a beautiful dress. Endora cute as a button.
Thanks once again.

11.5.07, 5:07 PM
Fancy's was my favorite, although I thought they were all pretty.

1.4.08, 3:08 PM
I really liked Paloma's. It was pretty simple and beautiful. As for Fancy's I don't care for that style. I hate bows on anything because IMO they make you like like a little girl, rather than a mature adult that she is supposed to be (oh right...she sure is). Maybe they had to give her that bow because she needs help in the upper regions of her body. But they could have done that without that stupid bow.

5.2.08, 12:04 AM
Very pretty. Nicole is such a cutie pie not that Emily and Silvana (spelling?) aren't gorgeous too.