View Full Version : I'm back after having emergency surgery...

Mzz Janjan
5.13.09, 9:19 PM
well, Mother Nature moved my surgery up a month. I started hemmoraging heavily and ended up having an abdominal partial hysterectomy on April 30. I was dismissed a few days later, and went to my parents to recover. They don't have internet access, so it's been a long two weeks. I have the best parents... but I'm glad to be back at my house. Will be working 1/2 day tomorrow...ugh!

5.14.09, 9:52 AM
Oh My! I hope you are feeling better. Dont try to do too much...get as much rest as you can. School will be out soon, right? Take care

5.14.09, 1:09 PM
Mizzjan I'm so sorry to hear your surgery was rushed! But at least your OK! That is what is important right? Take care and I hope you heal quickly. Hang in there!! Glad your back!!:winkq:

5.18.09, 6:17 PM
Oh wow... sorry you had to go through this..but you'll be much better now. Take care of yourself.