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5.13.09, 5:15 PM
got this from DaytimeRoyalty

Digest's Carolyn Hinsey caught up with Y&R Head Writer Maria Arena Bell at the Race To Erase MS in LA Friday night, and Bell confirmed the rumor that someone big is returning to Y&R. She even told Hinsey the date: Friday, May 15.

Since we already know that is Lily and Cane's wedding and that Cane is in for a big surprise Hinsey thinks that it could be Thom Bierdz, the original Phillip Chancellor. "Nina's back, his grown son has just been cast with GL's John Driscoll, and Maria Bell is all about undoing everything Lynn Latham did," theorizes Hinsey. "Either that, or she finally talked her sister-in-law Lauralee Bell (Chris) into coming back." Tune in Friday to find out...

I was just told from a reliable source that Thom Bierdz is in fact returning to Y&R. The show has gone to great lengths to keep this a secret. What's coming up is mega huge with a capital 'H.'

What does Thom's return mean in terms of Philip being dead and Cane being Jill's son? You'll have to tune in and find out, because this is only the tip of a very colossal iceberg.

5.14.09, 5:43 PM
Cane uncle is actually Pjilip 3rd. You'll see tomorrow.