View Full Version : LnL again???

5.13.09, 1:38 PM
I agree I hate that they are trying to force LnL back together yes they have history but they are sooo BORING...I want her to go back to Jason!!
As for Jasam they're ok but she in a way reminds me
of the female Jason...although she does understand his life style and accepts it but I'm sooo over them!

7.29.09, 4:43 AM
It is time they find someone else for Liz imo. She does not
belong with either Lucky or Jason. Her treatment of Lucky
this past year has proven to me that she only uses him.
Regarding Jason, she always said her children came first
and she didn't want them around the mob. Well she should
have remembered that before she climbed those stairs
in the blackout and had sex.