View Full Version : registered for nothing

5.13.09, 11:37 AM
there's no one here. :(

I was so looking forward to it. Almost as dead as Pine Valley is getting.

5.14.09, 4:50 AM
yeah I know. It's frustrating. the few people left who talk about AMC are on the old boards. But I'll chat about AMC with you, who knows maybe we can get some of the diehards to move over here! lol

6.5.09, 7:21 PM
Not sure where everyone is. The old boards are equally dead, as are some others around the web.

And just when the show is finally starting to pick up again.

6.18.09, 6:03 AM
the old board pretty much died during the switchover. sad

6.19.09, 7:18 PM
It is sad. At one point, Coffeerooms used to be a really swinging area. Of course, AOL did the same thing to their boards -- killed them. Pull all kinds of blinky junk on them and made them slow to load. They went from about 400 posts a day to maybe 20 a month. Sad.

6.21.09, 8:18 PM
Yeah, the old AMC board was a hoot! I miss it.

6.28.09, 10:45 PM
The boards have gotten a little livelier over at Soap Central. Hope that continues.