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5.11.09, 7:27 PM
I've been watching all her interviews(including Oprah), and I just end up shaking me head and thinking she comes across as sad & pathetic. I used to really admire her, she's had so much heartache in her life: the death of her son, her cancer, etc...and yet now, I dont even understand WHY she is dragging this sordid story out again! WHY oh WHY leave this as her legacy to her children? Is she so afraid that the "other woman" will take her place as soon as she dies? I agree she has every right to feel hurt and angry and betrayed, but by continuing to talk about this, she just seems sad. I think she should have just concentrated on her cancer treatments, taking care of her children, and given up on the idea of a Book...I feel like saying "enough already!"... you and your husband both Lied to the American people during the campaign, why not save a shred of dignity and just concentrate on your children? Sigh~~

5.12.09, 9:40 AM
I get the feeling that this is revenge on her part.
And revenge is never pretty, no matter how justified it is.
I hope at some point, she can move on and leave this behind her.

5.12.09, 2:53 PM
She's only got so much time left. Seems there are better ways to spend it than going on interview shows telling all about her philadering hubby.

5.13.09, 1:10 AM
I haven't read the book but I think it is about more than the affair. I think part of the blame goes to the people interviewing her. They keep asking questions about the affair rather than other things in her book. I personally think she is doing it to work through all that she is going through. I feel very sorry for her... she's dying and her husband turned out to be a cheat.

5.14.09, 4:06 AM
ITA, Carrie. And I've not read the book either, so I really can't comment other than to say it's got to be hard to understand why she felt the need to write another book at this point, but, perhaps it was catharitic for her to write what's she's been through.

I feel sorry for her, too.